Stacy Wendkos


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My enduring love affair with the horse started at the young age of five. That love has shaped much of my life and driven me to use my camera to capture the elegance, personalities and souls of my subjects. Horses live in our dreams and feature in storytelling throughout the ages. I grew up on these stories and dreams, and now I work to immortalize the magic of these majestic animals by looking for the unique traits of each horse: a twinkle in the eye, a particular headset, curiosity, playfulness or dignity. My work tends toward the contrasty and gritty in order to create dimension using light, shadow, and detail. I show the beauty of all facets of the horse by using unusual angles and tight detail shots, as well as the animal as a whole. I want the viewer to feel the impact of my art on a visceral level.

Categories: Photography
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